Nearshore Agile Outsourcing

Antares Agile Solutions is a nearshore software development company located in Costa Rica with rich experience in agile software development delivery model and microsoft technologies.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a worldclass location for high-technology, a center of convergence with local and international linkages in an ecologically friendly, democratic, and safe environment.


Microsoft Technologies (.Net, Asp.Net, MVC)

Open Source Technologies

Mobile (IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7)

Our Approach

Using agile involves continuous collaboration of the client during development process. This will allow the development team to quickly respond to any kind of requirements or design refinement throughout the development cycle. Agile is an iterative and incremental development methodology wherein the entire development life cycle is broken down into small iterations. It’s based on the Agile Manifesto that encourage principles like customer satisfaction, frequent delivery, Face-to-face conversation, motivated individuals, Simplicity and Self-organizing teams.

At Antares, our team is trained in agile methodologies such as SCRUM.


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